Abbi S. Taylor

Looking back on more than two decades of being a lawyer, I am reminded that I have been dedicated to this path since I was 8 years old. I told my aunt I was going to be a criminal defense lawyer and everything I have done since then has been toward that single goal. I am a full time lawyer, a part time judge and a mediator. Being a judge since 1997 has helped me be a better lawyer by giving me an understanding of what prosecutors and judges are looking for in a case and by giving me an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of our justice system from two perspectives. Being a mediator and arbitrator has made me a better attorney by giving me an opportunity to learn how to help people negotiate and reach agreements instead of having to be at the mercy of the system.

I have had the privilege of helping people in the very darkest times of their lives. I was able to prove that a little boy’s parents did nothing to harm him and that the babysitter had actually caused the injury. I made sure that they did not spend a day apart from their son and that no charges were ever filed against them. His parents were so grateful that they named their next child Abbi, after me. Unfortunately for them she has my gift of gab.

I was the lead attorney on a case with national exposure where five camp counselors at a program for troubled youngsters were charged with murder in the death of a participant. I was able to prove that they had done everything they were trained to do, exactly the way they were trained to do it and that he had died of his own behavior, not anything they did. The charges were eventually dropped and I was able to get the arrest erased off of their records. I was honored to attend one of their weddings. He and his family regard me as a member of their family to this day.

In another case, I represented a client who was convicted of a domestic incident with his wife, which made him deportable. He was in immigration custody and being deported when I was hired. I was able to get his conviction set aside and he was released from custody back to his American wife and three children to resume his life with his wonderful family.

These are a few examples of why I am so proud to do the kind of work that I am able to do. In my personal life, I have a daughter and son-in-law and two grandchildren who are growing like weeds, and we love spending time with them. My husband and I love to run half marathons (I did my first full marathon a few years ago), play tennis, do yoga and relax with our dogs. I volunteer on the board of an animal rescue organization and no-kill shelter.


Commitment to Clients

Our clients receive the highest level of legal expertise and respect for their situation from the first phone call. Linda Cornwall, who has a legal background both here and in England, will gather all of the important information about the client and their situation. We will research the different options and meet with the client to discuss everything we believe we can do to get the best possible results. We represent everyone from teenagers to senior citizens, police officers to corporate executives and lawyers, judges, politicians, doctors and everyone in between. While each case is different, our commitment remains the same: to protect each client’s rights and fight for a great outcome. We approach each case as a proven trial, appellate and post conviction office with a thorough knowledge of the law, compassion for the client and superior advocacy, both in and out of the courtroom.

Linda Cornwall

Ms. Cornwall has been a valuable member of the firm for many years. Before joining Abbi S. Taylor, Ms. Cornwall, who is from the United Kingdom, worked for two criminal and civil law firms as a Paralegal. Prior to arriving in Atlanta, Ms. Cornwall received her LLB from Birmingham Law School in England and worked for The Crown Prosecution Service exclusively in criminal law. Ms. Cornwall enjoys helping people and has been an advocate for women of domestic violence having worked closely with the police, as well as working with homeless people and people with drug and mental health issues. Ms. Cornwall is a member of the Gate City Bar Association.