“Professional and Compassionate”

“The ONE that gave and changed my life around!”

“I was in great need of help and I felt hopeless. I was in a situation that I had to face. I met with Abbi Taylor and she informed me on the steps we had to take. The first day I talked to her in person I knew in my heart she truly cared. I’ll call her office and speak to her assistant Linda and to say that she was nice, helpful and caring is an understatement. I am so grateful and blessed to have met Abbi Taylor and Linda because of their professionalism and how they kept me posted every step. I truly & dearly am thankful for the both of you especially when I got that call from Abbi to congratulate me on my case. I cried for days and while I am writing this review I am actually in tears cause I was overwhelmed with joy that day and every time I think about the blessing I got from them. I can’t thank you enough…”


“Trust is Important”


“It is true, you only go to the Doctor for check ups and when you’re sick. Same for an Attorney. Abbi Taylor is simply the best. While taking a forensic look at my case, finding what I knew she would, Ms. Taylor also cautioned me about the expense and risk. A great Counselor, just bring her the problem (be honest about every detail) and the results will speak for themselves.However, it is also true, behind every great attorney, is a great partner. There is ABSOLUTELY no greater individual in the legal field than Ms. Cornwall. When you look up the word professional, a picture of this dynamic duo will appear. Do your self a favor and place your mind at ease, if you need legal advice – stop looking and call this firm.”


The chemistry at the law office of Abbi Taylor was amazing. There was constant communication and advisement that made the whole experience pleasant and rewarding. Ms.Taylor was very honest and straightforward about the parole process and the steps involved before and after my hearing. I stand before you today a free man because of Ms. Taylor’s efforts. I was not even eligible for parole until next year. I highly recommend her above all others.


“I am extremely thankful to Ms. Abbi Taylor for her professional and expertise representation of my son, in the Motion to Clarify his original sentence. As a result of her dedication and thoroughness his case ended in a favorable and successful conclusion. Just as important, was the genuine compassion that Ms. Taylor demonstrated from the beginning to the end of his case. She was also responsive to my inquires and took the time to explained the process so I could clearly understand it. I will always be grateful to her and highly recommend her to others.”


“My experience with Abbi was very positive from the beginning. I interviewed several attorneys, receiving vastly different feedback on strategy and expense. After meeting with Abbi it was clear that she truly had my best interest at heart rather than obtaining a fee. Throughout the process I was kept informed and comforted by Abbi’s positive attitude and disposition. The end result of my situation was very positive and I attribute that Abbi’s persona in the legal community. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”


“When other lawyers gave up on us, Ms Taylor came to our life and it changed my impression of lawyers, in general. She is smart, persistent, aggressive, professional and technically competent. But most of all, she has a warm heart and her sincerity and genuine concern for her client is what separates her from her peers. She pushed through with the things she said she would do and kept us informed all the way. Our case seemed a hopeless one when we came to her, but she successfully had it vacated and ultimately dismissed! We celebrated that day, can’t thank her enough and can’t express in words what this really meant to our family. No wonder, her peers have great respect for her too! She is the best!”

“Powerhouse Lawyer”

“Abbi is fabulous! She successfully lead a team of 10 to 11 attorneys who represented my son and five other defendants against the State of Georgia and an over zealous prosecutor. She was able to dig out and expose the truth, thus ending the unjust accusations and indictments which threatened to ruin many lives. Her investigations and the evidence she provided helped prove their innocence. She never gave up hope for truly innocent clients! She saved my son’s life and reputation ending over 2 years of unemployment, depression, and completely unjust treatment.”


“Ms. Taylor successfully represented me in two separate cases over the past four years. On the first phone call I spoke directly with Ms Taylor. Immediately her personable tone, professional manner and understanding of my situation put me at ease and gave me confidence and I knew that I had chosen the right lawyer. She is genuinely concerned for the welfare and interests of her client.”


“Her extensive experience in criminal law and its effect on immigration status saved my visa and green card process. Sitting in the immigration office a few months ago going through my green card interview, I was once again reminded of the superb job and long term benefits of having had an attorney, that not only put out the imminent legal fires, but also acted in my best interest for the process that was still to come.”


“She’s the kind of lawyer that puts the trust and faith back into the legal profession. Abbi is someone who will really care and want to win for you.”

“Effective Representation”

“Words cannot say what an excellent attorney Abbi is. She recently helped my husband obtain a pardon to help in his fight to remain in the US. She Is relentless. Abbi is very passionate about helping people and I think that because she is also a judge, it gives her the edge and arsenol to fight for her clients the way that she does. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very sweet and is one of those people that says everything with a smile. Honestly when I first saw her I didnt know what to expect. She is so, laid back and pleasant I had no idea how “charmingly aggresive” (my husband’s words) and thorough she is when it comes to getting favorable results for her clients. My husband and I are forever grateful to her as well as her assistant Linda. Linda was just as pleasant and patient as Abbi through the whole process.”


“Ms. Taylor handled a case involving both of my sons. She worked us into her busy schedule within a day of us calling her. Each of the boys independently chose Abbi over the other attorneys with whom they spoke. She worked directly with the boys and kept them up to date with the proceedings. She kept them on task with their obligations. She was always punctual at court dates. She is extremely well respected in the courtroom.The boys were very well represented and got the best outcome for their situations. Her assistant was always helpful and professional. I would recommend Abbi to a friend. I think very highly of her.”


“We hired Ms. Taylor for our daughter and we are very pleased with the results Ms. Taylor produced. She is very professional and hard working. She is an excellent lawyer. She got the charges dismissed and got the best possible solution for us. We will absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking justice from a court of law.”


“Wow. What can I say that others have not said about Abbi? My husband was wrongfully accused of a felony when he was only 18. He was advised by his attorney (at the time) to plead guilty, despite his innocence, to avoid deportation. However, the lawyer did not explain that the guilty plea itself was a “deportable offense.” After 18 years, my husband faced deportation while trying to aquire citizenship. Abbi had the District Attorney and the judge reopen the case and dismiss the charges. The whole process took less than 2 months! Unbelievable! My husband has had to deal with a felony record his entire adult life. Our long battle is finally over. The facts of my husband’s innocence were clear, but all the lawyers we hired previously were not diligent enough to see it or prove it. Abbi was straight forward with us from the start. If I had questions, either she or her assistant answered them promptly. She really surprised us with her sincere passion to help our family. We recommend Abbi to anyone who will listen.”