“Tremendous Legal Knowledge”

Kirk Gilliard, Criminal Defense Attorney in Augusta, GA

“I have worked with Abbi Taylor on several criminal cases over the past 17 years. She exhibits tremendous legal knowledge and a zealous devotion to her clients. I have also referred numerous clients to her over the years and all have thanked me for referring them to such a diligent and skilled lawyer. She is an excellent litigator and has no fear of trying tough cases and produces great results. I endorse this lawyer’s work.”

Richard Ryczek, DUI / DWI Attorney in Lawrenceville, GA

“I have worked with Abbi on several cases and found her to be an excellent attorney. She is able to get cases dismissed prior to trial like no one else. Her professionalism, competence, and preparedness are unmatched. If I were charged with a crime, I would call Abbi.”

Allison McCarthy, Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta, GA

“Abbi is a brillant attorney. She has a diverse practice which makes her very unique because she has so much knowledge about many sides of the law. I would have no hesitation in referring a case to her!”

Elmer Young, DUI / DWI Attorney in Augusta, GA

“I have known Abbi for 12 years or more now and I have a couple of opportunities each year to hear about her work and see how much she is respected by the best of the best throughout the state of Georgia. I am proud to experience her integrity in and out of the courtroom and knowledge of law. You cannot go wrong in following her recommendations…hey, many lawyers do!”

“Zealous Client Advocacy”

David Goldstein, DUI / DWI Attorney in Atlanta, GA

“Abbi is an intelligent and passionate attorney. She zealously advocates for her clients and consistently gets excellent results for all of her clients. I have even had the pleasure of hearing Abbi speak at a seminar. I highly endorse Abbi as an attorney.”

Lawrence Kohn, DUI / DWI Attorney in Atlanta, GA

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Abbi is a great advocate for her clients in the courtroom. In addition, she has developed an expertise in post conviction relief. If people contact me with a loved one who has been convicted and is seeking to get that person out of prison, Abbi is where I send them. She has tremendous compassion and a great work ethic. She will be honest with potential clients and inform them of the chances of success. I think the world of Abbi and would not hesitate to hire her.”

Sherry Boston, Solicitor General of Dekalb County

“Abbi is an amazing, well respected and hardworking lawyer in the community. I do not know of one lawyer that has encountered her who would share any other experience. She puts every effort into resolving the case the best way possible for her clients under all circumstances and is never afraid to fight for her client’s rights. Look no further for an excellent attorney.”

“Caring, Compassionate”

Joseph Segui, Debt Settlement Attorney in Waynesville, GA

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Abbi is one of the most caring and competent attorneys a client could hope for.”

Charles Magarahan, DUI / DWI Attorney in Atlanta, GA

“Abbi and I first met outside a courtroom in 1992 where her client had just been sentenced to serve what she considered to be an undeserved period of confinement. Abbi was in tears. Her commitment to her client was evident in her actions, and her compassion for the underdog is clear. That was many years ago. Abbi’s ability to convince courts, even the appellate courts, of the substance of her position is unmatched. She is a good judge, a good lawyer and a good friend. You can’t get a better combination.”

“Great Post-Conviction and Parole Attorney”

Leslie Diaz, Immigration Attorney in Atlanta, GA

“I refer many of my immigration clients who have criminal issues to Abbi. She can work wonders when it comes to eliminating some of the unintended immigration consequences of a criminal conviction. Whether it is modifying or clarifying a sentence to avoid an immigration bar or vacating a conviction entirely, Abbi knows how to get it done. If you are a non-citizen facing a criminal charge, you need to know that not every criminal attorney understands the complex interplay between criminal and immigration law. You need an attorney like Abbi!”

Peter Acker, Immigration Attorney in Roswell, GA

“Please allow me to add my name to the list of immigration attorneys to honor and endorse Abbi’s work. She is a phenomenal post-conviction relief attorney. Not only is Abbi a wonderful criminal defense attorney she has also developed quite a reputation for being able to reopen past criminal convictions for non-citizens and get them appropriately reworded or dismissed so that the foreign national is no longer deportable. She is one of the very, very few criminal defense attorneys that I am confident to refer clients to for complex post-conviction relief here in Georgia.”

Allen Trapp, DUI / DWI Attorney in Carrollton, GA

“I endorse this lawyer’s work, because some of my former clients have benefited from her expertise. True – Abbi can try a case with the best of them, but her success in habeas corpus and parole proceedings is unmatched. Whenever anyone anywhere in Georgia needs post-conviction relief, I give them one name, and that is Abbi Taylor. She is the best.”

Karen Weinstock, Immigration Attorney in Atlanta, GA

“Abbi is one of the top criminal attorneys I have worked with. She is also one of the few criminal attorneys that can navigate the complex structure of combining both criminal and immigration laws. It is so critical to a criminal lawyer to know immigration laws when dealing with immigrants, otherwise criminal convictions might render the person deported, even in small misdemeanor cases when the person believes they were sentenced to only probation. This area is not familiar to most criminal lawyers. We have worked on many cases together, and I can therefore appreciate first-hand her legal expertise. In sum, I fully endorse Abbi as I believe she is an excellent lawyer.”