Licensed in Georgia, Florida and the US Virgin Islands


Any and All Felonies and Misdemeanors

Representation of clients from the time they find out they are being investigated for a crime through their trial. We have had proven success in keeping clients from being arrested and persuading police and prosecutors to dismiss the charges.


Appeals and Habeas Petitions

Researching, filing and arguing the strengths of an appeal at every stage, including the Supreme Court of Georgia, with a track record of success.



  • Advocating for clients to get early release and address parole concerns of clients and their families
  • Provide experienced advice to clients and their families regarding what they can be doing right now to maximize the chances for a favorable parole decision the next time that the Georgia Parole Board considers their case
  • Represent clients before the Georgia Parole Board, meeting with Georgia Parole Board officials to learn more about the status of clients’ parole cases and submitting materials to the Georgia Parole Board on behalf of clients; and advise clients and their families about alternative remedies that could be pursued to facilitate release from confinement


No pardon is automatic; the Board judges the merits of each individual case. Our firm helps clients obtain pardons by making a presentation to the Board outlining why a pardon should be granted. The firm has a strong track record of obtaining pardons in difficult situations, including for people with immigration problems because of the conviction.


Criminal Cases with Immigration Consequences

Since the laws have changed involving non-citizens, we have concentrated on finding ways to resolve cases to protect the client’s current immigration status or enable them to seek status. If they have been convicted, we have amazing success in finding ways to resolve the situation to end the immigration consequences and clear their path for citizenship.


Computer-Related Allegations

State and Federal – We represent clients in state and federal court who are accused of crimes involving computer and internet usage. We work with the best experts in the country to defend against and prevail against them.


Defending Against Allegations of Child Abuse and Molestation

Our firm aggressively investigates these allegations and works with the top experts in this field to successfully defend these cases.


Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Clients receive the best expertise in defending and dealing with these complicated charges.


Traffic Related Accusations

With more than 21 years of experience in these cases, we are able to get great results for our clients, including dismissals, reductions and not guilty verdicts.


Juvenile Court Allegations

We work with the child and the family to defend and resolve these cases in the best way for the child and their future.


School Board Hearings

These hearings are complicated and with our experience we achieve great results for our clients.